School Excursions

During the school year, the Excursions Committee of each school, organise recreational excursions in Cyprus for the students. 

A large number of educational excursions, adventurous journeys and field trips in Cyprus  are also organised by various Clubs and departments. The students are always accompanied by members of the teaching staff.

Lefkara & Kato Drys Villages

An amazing excursion starting from Larnaca to the most beautiful traditional villages in Larnaca district.

Lefkara village is famous for its beautiful embroidery and its picturesqueness. In this village you can enjoy walks in the narrow streets with the houses of folk architecture and admire the rich Lefkaritika embroidery and the small masterpieces of silversmiths. Of course don’t forget to taste the traditional sweets.

Also you can see traditional costumes, silversmiths and an interesting collection of lefkaritika embroidery, for which the village was famous all over the world.

Experience the calming atmosphere of the majestic Church of Lefkara which is dedicated to the Holy Cross and has been erected in the 14th century. Regarding of our tradition and religion caries a piece of the Holy Wood.

Agios Minas is a monastery located in the village of Vavla and which dates back to the 15th century. The building is a mixture of Byzantine and Gothic styles and consists of a church and other monastic buildings. On the north and south walls there are two large paintings of Agios Georgios (Saint George) and Agios Minas (Saint Minas) which date back to 1757. The nuns of the monastery expect of their religion duties are cultivating and selling fruits and traditional jams.

Kato Drys is a village after Leykara. The hilly terrain of the village with its narrow, deep valleys is fragmented by the "Agios Minas" river.

There are two interpretations about how the village is named. The first version says it has taken it from the many Dryes trees (oaks) that exist in the village and the second that before the village was separated in Upper and Lower Drys and a large oak-tree standing between the two villages.

A very significant figure of Kato Drys is Saint Neofytos, born in Kato Drys in 1134. His house carefully saved by domestic people.

Τhe old church of the village is dedicated to Panagia Eleousa. It is a 12th century building and has been redecorated by the Department of Antiquities.

Excursion to Nicosia

Α visit to Nicosia, the capital of the island, is required for every student without a doubt to know the culture and history of Cyprus. Nicosia is located in the middle of the island, with easy by bus transfer and it will surely remain unforgettable to anyone visiting it.

It is worth visiting the old Archbishop’s Palace, an 18th-century building that is a religious, national and political monument and is closely related to modern Cypriot history.  Since the completion of the new Archbishopric, the Old Archbishop’s Palace has housed the Folk Art Museum and the National Struggle Museum.

Another historic building which everyone must visit in Nicosia is the Pancyprian Gymnasium. The Pancyprian Gymnasium was founded in 1812 by Archbishop Kyprianos at a time when Cyprus was still under Ottoman occupation. It is the oldest secondary school in operation on the island.


Walking through the old town, you will visit the Laiki Geitonia, the Venetian Walls, the Famagusta Gate as a cultural center, Dragoumani's house Hadjigeorgaki Kornesiou, many other sights and old churches in the capital of Cyprus.

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